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The Club

Endeavour is a state of the art boutique fitness club where every effort has been made to make getting fitter and healthier a fun and pleasant experience. From the exciting new gym environment, to the studio, sunbed salon, plus nutritional advice and products, Endeavour is here to help you 'achieve your aims'.

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  • Tone Up

    The Endeavour team will guide you to your specifictone up - whatever size or shape you want to be. With an impressive free weights area and resistance equipment, at Endeavour you cannot fail to achieve.

  • Lose Weight

    At Endeavour we will support you through a wide range of activities to achieve your weight loss objectives. You'll lose weight and Endeavour will help you to keep it off. 

  • Exercise

    At Endeavour we know just how important regular exercise is. It can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, protect against high blood pressure, keep blood cholestrol at a healthy level, can be effective in the fight against obesity, reduce stress, protect against Osteoporois and back pain.

    The Endeavour team will provide free personalised exercise programs for the duration of your membership to make sure you exercise safely, enjoy and achieve your goals.

  • All Ages

    As the years add up it becomes even more important to stay fit and healthy. Just a couple of sessions a week atEndeavour will help you continue to enjoy life.