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Our Team

  • Kerry

    I began my journey into health and fitness in 2011 after bumping into an old school friend who was making amazing progress in his own training. I was inspired by his dedication and decided it was time to stop making excuses and letting other factors get in the way of me reaching my goals.

    I started training religiously and eating right gaining knowledge on how to do so from people in the gym who were where I wanted to be.

    Soon I was seeing fantastic results progressing from a scrawny build to developing a muscular athletic physique, now I was hooked and health & fitness had become my lifestyle.
    With what I saw myself achieve and the positive ways my new lifestyle had effected my life both in and outside of the gym I decided I wanted to help others to expirence what I had and left the office job behind. Now I guide my clients on how to achieve their individual goals for a living, consistently pushing my own limits to see what's possible, hungry to expanding my knowledge even further and share my own experiences with others.

    I have been working at Endeavour Health and Fitness since it opened its doors in 2013 & love it's friendly atmosphere and the level of interaction all the team have with our members guiding them on their own fitness journeys.

    YMCA Level 2 Fitness Instructor
    YMCA Level 3 Personal Trainer
    TRX Suspension Training
    Functional Group Training
    Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
    Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

    Contact me on 07800 649856 to see how I can help you take your fitness to the next level.

  • Freddie Doe

    I've been a personal trainer for 4 years and worked with a wide range of clients from 17 year old students to a 74 year old gentleman who needed to lose a few pounds for medical reasons. I have worked at a large chain gym before becoming freelance. Since January 2013 I have been at Endeavour Health and Fitness without doubt the best gym I have worked in and this is due to good atmosphere we always have in the gym.

    I believe strength is the product of struggle. You must do what others don't - to achieve what others won't. I have participated in organized sports my entire life, and have always recognized the importance of health and fitness throughout this journey.

    WABBA fitness instructor
    YMCA level 2 Fitness instructor
    YMCA level 3 personal trainer

  • Nicky Furze

    I have trained myself for over 12 years so becoming a Personal Trainer seemed a long awaited progression for me, I have gained experience and knowledge in most areas of fitness and vary my workouts to keep my body 'on its toes'.

    I have recently qualified with a YMCA level 2 Gym Instructor/Fitness Trainer qualifications and YMCA level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.

    My role as a Personal Trainer is to show people that they should want to become fitter to help with their everyday life, my aim is to help every client achieve fitness/weight loss goals in a friendly, encouraging and motivating environment.

    I chose Endeavour as my place of work simply because the staff is friendly and very easy to get on with, I love the layout of the gym and its very female friendly, all members are made to feel welcome and help is always around when needed.


    'Ability is what you are capable of doing, motivation determines what you do and attitude determines how well you do it'.

    'The secret of getting ahead is getting started'.